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So we've interested you enough to get a quote, that's great!! Simply fill out our Get a quote form and send it back to us with the floor plan of the building (if possible) that you are thinking of having our Storage Door Curtains in and we will get a quote right out to you.

Our quotes are special, not like any other quote you will see - they include not only the cost, but the financial energy incentives that are available to install our product. We also spell out your overall (ROI) Return on Investment, energy savings and the income stream you can generate utilizing our "Door Curtain Monitoring" available with your software management system.

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What's involved in the quote process?

  • Complete our quote form and get it back to us with a floor plan (if possible)
  • We provide you a detailed quote detailing all the benefits of installing Storage Door Curtains
  • Time to Commit - Place your order for our Storage Door Curtains
  • We contact you providing expected delivery and installation dates
  • You start enjoying your new ancillary income streams, increased customer satisfaction, quick return on investment, lower energy bills and reduced energy loss

Their is NO Minimum Order!!

NO minimum orders on standard sizes!! Due to the constant requests of clients wanting to order either "one" or a "few" Storage Door Curtains for trial use and testing, we no longer have a minimum order requirement. When placing a small order, we do add a 25% upcharge to all orders when less than (6) Storage Door Curtains are ordered since our manufacturing processes are based upon fulfilling larger orders. Wind Curtains still have a minimum order requirement of (10).

Payment Options

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Debit cards for payment. Established accounts can be billed on a Net 30 Day basis. To receive a credit application, contact and request an application. Companies must be in business for a minimum of 2 years to be eligible for Net 30 Day terms.
For information about Storage Door Curtains Financing: Click Here.

Wiring of Funds - We accept wire of funds transfers, contact for us to send you wire transfer instructions. Wiring of funds will speed up your order process by 2 weeks over sending a check.

A deposit of 50% is required upon placing an order with the balance due at the time of shipping. Prior approved credit accounts will have 30 days from the invoice date to submit payment for the 50% deposit and 30 days from the time of shipment to submit payment for the remaining 50% final payment. Failure to submit payments as specified will postpone curtain construction and/or shipment of product.