Add-On Profit Generator

Open your mind to a new idea for the storage industry. Can you envision a “Daily Energy Loss Fee” that you can impose on your tenants while trying to conserve energy at your storage facility? If you think you receive a decent amount of income from tenant late fees, consider a truly NEW add-on profit opportunity of electronically monitoring your new Storage Door Curtains with your existing management software.

Energy Efficiency & New Revenue Generators

With our Storage Door Curtain™ sitting right behind your metal roll-up door and creating a wall-to-wall & floor-to-ceiling barrier that virtually eliminates air-flow through the roll-up door, you look great to your tenants by having a Storage Door Curtain installed for their benefit, while making money if they leave it open, and you saving money if they keep it closed.

What is a "Daily Energy Loss Fee?"

Storage Door Curtains™ are produced with or without an electronic monitoring capability (with wiring inside the door curtain) and include a wireless relay system that communicates with most self-storage management systems. Door Curtains™ with wiring and sensors installed, create a way to charge your tenants a “Daily Energy Loss Fee” if they leave the Storage Door Curtain™ open, thus wasting energy.

You can pre-determine the "Daily Energy Loss Fees" you want to charge by space size and invoice your tenant every day the Storage Door Curtain is left open. Think about it, if tenants decide pay for a climate controlled space as they consider there things worthy of heated or cooled space, they will ensure the Storage Door Curtains are closed to protect their things and also love our Storage Door Curtains™ as they create a deeper sense of protection for their belongings.

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Overall Profit Generators with a Door Curtain™ Include -

2/3 Reduction in Energy Costs
Get savings of $200 - $1,500 per month
(depending on facility size)
Tenants will Pay More for Additional Protection
Bring in an additional $10 - $40 per month
(per storage unit)
Outside Facing Units Converted to Climate Control
Bring in additional $10 - $90 per month
(per storage unit)
Door Curtain™ Monitoring Creates Ancillary Income
Get an additional $1,000 - $2,500 per month
(energy waste fees for failure to close curtain)