Our Storage Door Curtains

Stop air flow, stop heat loss, stop cooling loss, stop unwanted heat transfer and stop wind-blown debris from entering into self-storage units.

Weatherized Storage Door Curtains™

Until the creation of Storage Door Curtains, there hasn’t been any way to insulate metal roll-up doors and stop the unwanted air-flow through the doors and front walls of a storage building. The Weatherized Storage Door Curtain™ sits 6 inches behind the metal roll-up door, and coupled with our support and encapsulation structure creates a floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall seal. Our patented “Y-flap” center closure system creates a double layer of protection at the crucial joint of the two curtain sections. Test results show a 98% decrease in air flow and up to a 60% reduction in energy consumption in less than ideal conditions.

Windproof Storage Door Curtains™

Windproof Door Curtains are an extension of their weatherized counterpart above. Utilizing the same support and encapsulation structure, but a lighter weight and less expensive door curtain, these create the same air seal (98% reduction). These are designed for facilities in climates that struggle with airborne infiltration of dust, dirt, water, sand, snow and pests, but are not interested in insulating their facility doors.

Weatherized and Windproof RV Door Curtains™

These utilize much of the same technology as the two varieties of our Storage Door Curtains™, but on a much larger scale. While storage doors are typically 7-9 ft tall, RV bays are at least 14 ft tall. Our RV Door Curtains™ can also be utilized in commercial and industrial applications for dock applications or other instances where a large door opening needs to be insulated or stop airborne infiltration of debris.

Heat Keeper Wall Blanket™

The HeatKeeper Wall Blanket is utilized to complete a system of Storage Door Curtains™. Storage Door Curtains are designed to insulate the doors and front walls, but what about the side walls? Our HeatKeeper Wall Blanket™ installs at the end walls of a building to weatherize the air envelope of the entire building. Our Heatkeeper Wall Blanket can be made in any size, which also makes it well suited for use in commercial and industrial applications, insulating huge walls simply, efficiently, and quickly without disturbing the buildings occupants.

A variety of Door Curtain™ thicknesses are available to meet your climate and thermal performance needs, with R-values starting at R-6 and going as high as you need to go!

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