Generate Ancillary Income

Our electronically monitored "Storage Door Curtains™" integrate with your self-storage management software to generate a large ancillary income stream while lowering facility expenses.

Constantly monitor your Storage Door Curtains™ open and closed positions and generate a "Daily Energy Loss Fee" that you can bill your tenants for the wasted energy they let escape by not closing your Storage Door Curtains. Increase your revenue if your tenants leave the Door Curtain open, and increase your revenue when they keep it closed.

"Energy Loss Fee" Tracking Software

If you aren't currently using a self-storage management software program, consider utilizing our own patented monitoring system to monitor and track the opening and closing of our Storage Door Curtains™ for increased revenue to your storage facility.

Incorporating a hard-wired or wireless monitoring system with our monitoring system or your existing self-storage management system provides a great source of ancillary income. Our "light-on" system will alert your tenant that their Storage Door Curtain is open with a Door Curtain mounted light, and alert you if they fail to close the Storage Door Curtain™.

Door Curtain Monitoring with Other Software Management Systems

We have the ability to combine our monitored Storage Door Curtains™ in conjunction with most existing self-storage management systems. Our Status Tracker Software constantly monitors the Storage Door Curtain™" position and tracks the opening and closing. Status Tracker Software integrates with many self-storage management systems to enable timely billing of your tenant. For more information, contact us at (877) 670-9276 or email us.

Available in a Hardwired or Wireless System

Monitoring our Storage Door Curtains™ is achievable by using our wireless systems. In most situations, new or existing wiring can also be utilized. Whether remodeling, renovating, new construction or simply upgrading amenities, Storage Door Curtains™ will fit nicely into your plans.

The sample reports below are completely customizable for your facility.

This report shows all open curtains and how long they have been open.

This report shows all billing information.