Maintain Desired Interior Unit Temperature

Heated and climate-controlled storage units utilize thermostats to attempt to maintain a consistant temperature throughout self storage buildings and to protect tenant belongings. Since there are not typically individual thermostats within each storage unit, temperatures can vary drastically from each storage unit, or from one end of a building to another.

Storage Door Curtains™ can open up increased revenue by creating newly converted and heated outside facing storage units. With the ability to stop the air-flow into and out of a storage unit, a Storage Door Curtain™ can help maintain the desired interior temperature and eliminate the fluctuations that are usually caused by air flowing into and out of a storage units front wall or metal roll-up door. Since a Storage Door Curtain™ helps eliminate air-flow, it can also raise the base temperature in each unit, and thus reduce energy costs.

In testing conditions with an outside facing storage unit and an outside temperature of 21 degrees, a floor heated to 45 degrees, a storage unit fitted with a Storage Door Curtain™ was consistently 40-50° warmer than the neighboring storage unit without a Storage Door Curtain™.

So why is it important to maintain temperatures? Here are some of the effects of extreme temperature fluctuation below: