Stop Unwanted Air-Flow

Air-flow is virtually stopped when utilizing a Storage Door Curtain behind your typical metal roll-up door. With the new 2012 Energy Codes starting to adopt these new energy codes which means tighter restrictions on new climate controlled self-storage construction. So what is an R-Value anyway? Why is air-infiltration so important? We're here to help, read on to discover all you need to know about R-Values and air-infiltration.

Why you should install Storage Door Curtains™ for Your Roll-up Doors

  • Restrict air flow and heat loss or gain around a metal roll-up door and front wall of your self-storage buildings
  • Increase your ability to offer a product to protect your tenant’s belongings, something your competitor may not have
  • Reduce energy consumption, lowers facility energy costs, generates ancillary income with ability the to increase rents, including door curtain monitoring
  • Tax Credits, Cash Rebates and local State as well as local Utility providers financial incentives make sense to invest in new technology and Storage Door Curtains
  • Not affected by moisture or humidity - Inhibits condensation
  • Environmentally safe and easy to install
  • Constructed of heavy-duty materials to withstand harsh handling use by tenants and all weather conditions

R-Value Vs. Air Infiltration

Take a minute to get educated - R value (thermal resistance) is commonly thought to be the most important factor in insulating spaces and in roofs, walls and floors that would be exactly right. However, when it comes to doors and windows R value means little when compared to air infiltration. The difference can be explained in this illustration. An open 12’x12’ door in the wall of a building equals a 144 square foot hole that allows for cool air to seek warm and warm to seek cool causing a high volume of treated air to be lost and HVAC units to work overtime to make up for the loss. If the same door is closed for extended periods of time air infiltration is limited especially with a tight seal around the door. Why do you think mom always used to say “shut the door you’re letting all the cold air out.” Think of it like this, in your car during the summer with the windows rolled up and the a/c going, you are comfortable and cool. Crack the window an inch or so and quickly the warm moist air fills the car as the cool, dry, treated air escapes and in no time you are uncomfortable. That is the difference between R value and air infiltration. R value being the window rolled up, air infiltration being the window cracked.

In self-storage, air infiltration happens all day, every day with self-storage doors. Rather than doors being open, it’s the gaps around the doors that are the culprit. Gaps allow air to infiltrate the self-storage unit thus heating the room in summer and cooling it in winter. Stop the air flow with a Storage Door Curtain and the storage unit stays at a constant temperature that you desire. The nature of self-storage is that the storage doors stay closed for long periods of time. Having the R value and Air Infiltration stopping capabilities of a Storage Door Curtain and the tight seal it provides, maintains the constant DESIRED temperatures inside the storage unit and provides for a number of customer benefits while increasing a storage facility’s amenities, reducing energy costs, increasing ancillary income and projecting a “green” image.