Stop Airborne Debris Entry

Tenants will complain if they have the opportunity, don't give them the opportunity any longer -

Tenants also talk over social media - Have you seen reviews or comments like these?


Dust and dirt get blown into the unit very easily, everything was filthy when I moved out!
-Anonymous in Denver, CO
The storage spaces are quite dusty...not with actual dust, but with concrete dust since the whole place is concrete.
-Sarah M. from Atlanta, GA
Then one day I stopped by my unit to get something to find that it was full of dust and dirt.
-Marlin E. from Parker, CO
Look for another place! ...they let RATS get into your storage unit.
Leftin S. from Sedro Wolley, WA
First off the units are extremely dirty with dust blowing all over my things.
-A User in Boulder, CO
The unit I am renting was full of dust, dirt, cob webs.
-Sherrie S. from Griswold, CT

NOT with Storage Door Curtains or Wind Curtains™ - We don't hear of complaints with Storage Door Curtains installed.

Dust and dirt entry into self-storage units is and always has been a point of contention for tenants and property owners/managers having to listen to their tenants complain about the recurring problem. Even in areas where it's dusty and tenants expect it, they are still dissapointed with the accumulation of debris on their belongings.

Take time to consider stopping the dust, dirt, sand, snow, and pest entry by installing Storage Door Curtains or Wind Curtains™ today!