Eliminate Unwanted Heat Transfer

Do you want to eliminate unwanted heat transfer into and out of your buildings? Then pay attention and read below -

So what is a Thermal Barrier?

A thermal barrier is simply a product that stops or slows one or more of the three types of heat transfer.

How is heat transfered?

For example, when the sun heats a metal roll-up door, it's primarily the sun's radiant energy that makes the roll-up door hot. A large portion of this heat travels by conduction through the metal doors materials to the inside of a storage unit. The hot roll-up door material then radiates its gained heat energy onto the cooler part of a storage unit or storage building. The air outside is also heated by the radiation of the sun, then when the air travels around the door and into the stroage unit it carries that energy with it.

The same process occures when it is warm inside the unit and cold outside the unit, however instead of the sun as the energy source; your heating system takes that role.

What is a Weatherized Storage Door Curtain™?

Storage Door Curtains™ were developed to retain heat and cooling in building envelopes. Storage Door Curtains™ can help you achieve reduction of energy costs and help eliminate the loss of energy when trying to heat or cool buildings.

Our products stand alone in the self-storage industry because our products address all three types of heat transfer. Storage Door Curtains™ are made with a variety of complex layering materials, each with their own unique purpose.

With our current patented and patent-pending technology, Storage Door Curtains™ provide resistance to conductive, convective and radiant heat transfer while eliminating air-flow.

Case study of Weatherized Door Curtains™

Without a Storage Door Curtain™ installed directly behind a roll-up door, every item inside a heated self-storage unit, including the walls and ceiling, are emitting radiant heat. That heat, is absorbed by the roll-up door, because it is cooler than other surfaces in the unit. The heat is then transferred outside via conduction and lost. The opposite is true for your cooled or non-cooled self-storage units on a hot day. The roll-up door is the warmest area of the unit, and so heat is radiated from the door and absorbed by the walls, ceiling, and any object inside the self-storage unit.

By installing a Storage Door Curtain™, you are effectively stopping the heat transfer. Radiant heat does not become conductive heat until it is absorbed by an object. The Storage Door Curtain™ System reflects the heat back before it can be absorbed by the roll-up door, thus preventing the radiant heat from becoming conductive heat and wasting energy.